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Dishes and plates
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Stew dishes
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 Double saucepan
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Combining tradition and outside influences, the proposed products are:

1 - Plates and dishes

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Oven proof plates and dishes.
Their shapes are original: the oval, heart, pie, duck, african fauna ( hippo, cow and
tilapia ) plates can be used for baking and serving.

Plates and dishes

How to use

Lay anything you want to bake in the dish e.g. lay the fish fillet in dish.
Put spices you want to use.
Add lemon juice or white wine on the fillet.
Put slices of tomatoes, onions, green pepper, salt and pepper on the fillet.
Add small pieces of butter on the fillet in order to avoid dryness.
Put it in the hot oven, and stop the oven five minutes before the time of baking
because it will continue to cook.
Serve directly on the table.

fishes plates


Stew dishes

2 - Stew dishes

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These stew and cooking dishes can be used, when they are roundshaped, for cooking on
firewood, gas, charcoal stove, even electric cooker and in the oven. As the heat on the bottom must be uniform, the ovalshaped ones have to be used in the oven only. At the same time, they can be used for serving on the table and to keep the meal hot until you finish to eat.

cooking dishes
cooking dishes


Hippo stew dish

Hippo stew dish

How to use:

Rinse the dish with hot water and spices you are going to use for only the first time.
Cut what you are going to cook and put it in the dish, add a little water because as you cook
when covered it produces more water, put back the cover and cook.
Stop the cooking five minutes before the time of cooking because it continues to cook.

3 - Clay double saucepan

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It is used to cook potatoes on wood embers.
Never use water, neither for cooking nor cleaning.
Can be eventually used as a saucepan, a stew dish or in the oven.

double saucepan
double saucepan


Its economical in using the same dish for both baking and serving, and saves the energy
because you stop the cooker five minutes before end of baking time and keeps the heat
until you finish to eat.
Good for health because the temperature goes up slowly and goes down slowly at the same
time, when you are washing you don’t need to use steel wire where the particles remain in
the dish which is dangerous for health, instead you use warm water and sponge because
it never sticks ( except of course for double saucepan ).