6 – Miscellaneous

oil or incense burners
traditional culture

These are decorative, practical and portray message for wild life and the traditional culture.
They also give soft light and natural smell.

Flower vases
candle holders
anti-mosquitoes burners

Hand made clay products for keeping flowers fresh for long (at the best temperature) because water stays cool and the flowers can breathe. It is better to put a plate under the vase or the pot.

Flower vases
flower pots

They can be made in different designs and
size according to your choice

Garden pots

They are good for plants because they can breathe.


Hand made clay products, for coldness, hotness and best taste.
Keep water, juice, wine cool.
There are some traditional fridges which keeps water that was used traditionally by grand mothers as medicine for mantaining peace and harmony at home in the way that whenever there was a quarrel, one could take the water in the pot and keep it in mouth till the quarrel was ended.

Salad bowls
Salad bowls

For serving on the table, they are also oven proof.




With tea bag holder



Sauce jugs with double spout, one with full fat and the other one reducing fats from the sauce




Spoon holder and
elephant tooth picks holder


Porte cueillère

Tooth picks holders cow,
elephant, gorilla and fish


Porte cure dents

Snail plate with elephant tooth picks holder and banana fiber napkin holder


Hut napkin holder

Porte serviettes


Butter dish keeping butter fresh without a fridge

Candle holders and
romantic lamps



Christmas tree candle olders

Bougeoir arbre de Noël

We also make every kinds of items such as pen and cards carriers, etc.