Presentation of the Mukisa Mpewo Clay Works project:

Mukisa Mpewo Clay Works and Handcrafts, self-sponsored project started in 1993, is an association involved in the production of traditional clay products and baskets, which has been conceived and realized by women as a way to improve their social status.
Jane Nabyonga, chairman of the project, has made many study visits abroad, specially in Peru where she explored, for 4 years, the very rich native clay works tradition.
The quality and authenticity of our products were rewarded by
A Golden Stand in the Foire de Paris 2006

Objectives of the Mukisa Mpewo Clay Works project:

Atelier poterie

-To promote traditional art and design

-To save handicrafts in process of disappearance, more particularly biscuit pottery

-To optimize the use of the products

-To strengthen pottery and ceramics production in Uganda


Le tour de main


-To train women and youth and upgrade production skills

-To create pottery as a sure income generating activity

-To introduce and strengthen appropriate technology in order to reduce human energy and environmental degradation.

Cuisson traditionnelle

Owing to our objectives, even illeterate people can earn their living.