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What does Mukisa Mpewo do  ?

Poteries tradionnelles vannerie tradionnelle d'ouganda

We make ugandan handcrafts pottery and baskets.

The Biscuit pottery* is the result of only one firing of clay, pure and natural, so without any enamelling or chemical treatment.
The competences, talents of creativity and experience of our founder and chairperson, Jane Nabyonga, allow us to improve this technique which is now our speciality.
Owing to:
- a high quality clay, wide-spread in Uganda,
- an exceptional finish, thanks to original technique and know-how, which have been worked out by Jane nabyonga and which are the result of 25 years experience and research,
a particularly well-cared design created by Jane Nabyonga, combined with tradition,
all our potteries:
- are strong and entirely waterproof,
- have the advantage of a very seductive appearance, which can fit into old houses as well as modern homes,
- are altogether respectful of our health and our environment,
- allow to cook more healthy and tasty dishes.