Please find the quality and beauty which are the image of our brand:
- Respect for tradition
- A design, based on pure and simple lines, which suits old homes just as well as modern ones
- The biscuit-ware enhanced by an exceptional finish, thanks to a special technique which is specific to us.

- Pie dishes of different sizes:  from 22 to 35 cm in diametre.
We remind you that, as the biscuit-ware is a living material, it is necessary to scald the pottery before each use with heat.
Thus the fat will be absorbed and your tarts, pizzas, quiches etc. will be light and crusty.
Easy cleaning, simply using a sponge with a little soap and hot water.

- Large pots: 30 cm. in height and approximately 38 cm. in diametre. They may be used to serve cold or hot drinks - water, wine, fruit juice, cocktails, sangria, mulled wine, etc. - for a big reception, or for preserving oil or grain for example.

- Very beautiful earthenware pots of all sizes (from 20 to 50 cm. in height), which preserve the cold or the heat for a long time.